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Michael Jackson Animated Moodtheme

It took me almost a week to make this moodtheme. I was working with every frame of every animated mood. Most of caps were too dark so I had to adjust brightness and work with color. But now I've got all animations so bright and clear. This time I saved them with different settings that's why you almost don't see pixels and files don't have that big size because of it. I tried to get as much patience as possible not to give up, because I wanted to make it well, but not quick-and-dirty. That is why I'm proud of the result :)

Videos I used to make this animated moodtheme:
- Bad
- Beat It
- Billy Jean
- Black or White
- Childhood
- Earth Song
- Ghosts
- In The Closet
- Jam
- Leave Me Alone
- Liberian Girl
- Remember The Time
- Say, Say, Say
- Scream
- Smooth Criminal
- Speed Demon
- Stranger In Moscow
- They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)
- The Way You Make Me Feel
- Thriller
- Whatzupwitu
- You Are Not Alone
- You Rock My World

Credit fionaa

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You can preview the whole theme here:

Download here:

Installation code

FAQ from moodtheme (edited by me):
01. Download the zip file.
02. Upload the CONTENTS of the zip file (extracted images) to your own server.
03. Go to the LJ Admin Console (This will open the link in a new browser.)
04. Type: moodtheme_create "Michael Jackson" "by fiona_adam" (Make sure to use quotation marks!)
05. Click Execute.
06. You should see this: Success. Your new moodthemeid is it will give you a number here
07. Write down the number.
08. Open the installation code to your mood theme in Notepad or Microsoft Word.
09. Press CTRL+H to replace XXXXXX with your number.
10. Replace current theme numbers with the theme number LJ gave you.
11. Replace http://INSERT-YOUR-URL-HERE/ with the URL you uploaded the theme to. (Do not change the name of the files, or the file sizes.)
12. Go back to the LJ Admin Console.
13. Copy/Paste your new installation code into the box and press Execute.
14. Scroll down and check the installation. If something is in red, look back over your code and make sure you put in the correct information, or that you didn't leave any extra spaces in the URL. Execute again.
15. Go to Custom Mood Theme Editor.
16. Click "Use" button next to your new mood theme in the list. (It will be at the bottom.)

EDIT: Since some people in mjfans asked for animated gifs you can request any of these mood pictures as a bigger animation picture. Just tell me which one you need and I'll upload it :)
Tags: michael jackson, moodtheme, music, singers

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