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It's my third animated moodtheme :) Every time I try to make things better than the last time. There were 85 original animated pictures in U2 theme, there were 93 in Michael's and there are 100 in this one! I was working at each and every one. I was improving colors and crop. You can usually see emotions on faces, that's why I cropped pictures to make faces bigger. For me the hardest thing is not a technical side, but to relate movies shots with mood list. It seems like there are alot of material, but it's still not easy to find exactly that shot which matches one or another mood. Before I just was making animated pictures from my favorite videos' parts and then I was turning them into one or another mood. This time I was working the other way. I was watching parts from movies and I was deciding whether they match any mood. It took me more time, but at least I wasn't making unnecessary animated pictures which I wouldn't need at all later.

Movies I used:
- Shrek
- Shrek 2
- Shrek The Third
- Shrek Forever After (trailer)

Credit fionaa

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You can preview the whole theme here: http://www.livejournal.com/moodlist.bml?moodtheme=754017&ownerid=5890556

Download here: http://fiona.fatal.ru/shrek_moodtheme_by_fionaa.zip

Installation code

FAQ from moodtheme (edited by me):
01. Download the zip file.
02. Upload the CONTENTS of the zip file (extracted images) to your own server.
03. Go to the LJ Admin Console (This will open the link in a new browser.)
04. Type: moodtheme_create "Shrek" "by fionaa" (Make sure to use quotation marks!)
05. Click Execute.
06. You should see this: Success. Your new moodthemeid is it will give you a number here
07. Write down the number.
08. Open the installation code to your mood theme in Notepad or Microsoft Word.
09. Press CTRL+H to replace XXXXXX with your number.
10. Replace current theme numbers with the theme number LJ gave you.
11. Replace http://INSERT-YOUR-URL-HERE/ with the URL you uploaded the theme to. (Do not change the name of the files, or the file sizes.)
12. Go back to the LJ Admin Console.
13. Copy/Paste your new installation code into the box and press Execute.
14. Scroll down and check the installation. If something is in red, look back over your code and make sure you put in the correct information, or that you didn't leave any extra spaces in the URL. Execute again.
15. Go to Custom Mood Theme Editor.
16. Click "Use" button next to your new mood theme in the list. (It will be at the bottom.)

P.S. If anyone wants any of my gifs in the original size - don't hesitate to ask and I'll upload it for you :)
Oh my God! Yay! Shrek! I love it! I shall use this! Perhaps on this account or on a new one I plan to create soon. Thank you so much for this! :D
I'm glad you like it :) Thank you!
You are welcome.

I mean to ask...are your gifs too big for LJ? I'd love to see some. :)
Well, originals are the same size as screencaps I made. But if you need any of those I'll resize them and upload, just tell me which ones you need :)
I really like the "busy" and "loved" ones. :)
Here you go:

Woah, that has been quicker than I thought! Thanks! :D
You're welcome :)
What a great mood theme! Thank you for making it. I'm going to use it and will credit you on my user info page. Thanks again!
You are very welcome and thank you :)
Wow, this is awesome! Great job!

Will credit when used. =)
Thanks :D
Thank you so much! :D
Aw, you're welcome! :) Thank you!
Thank you so much! I love Shrek, and this moodtheme is amazing :)
Thank you! :)
Saved this, it's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!
I'm happy you like it :) You're welcome :)